The Juice Stop - Cold-Pressed Juice on tap

When you walk into The Juice Stop your eyes are drawn to the custom LED lighting and the artwork on the walls. We got to personally deliver their juicer since this customer is located in our hometown. Jupiter residents be warned, they will become your next must have craving.

The Juice Stop is a new juice bar in Jupiter, Florida located in Chasewood Plaza off Indiantown Road. They serve cold-pressed juice on tap, acai bowls, and more, here is the menu:

They only use Grade A organic Acai by Tambor. This is a premium grade açaí with the highest amount of natural açaí berry with less added sugar & fillers. They use a high-quality Goodnature Commercial Cold-Press Juicer to juice organic juices daily and serve the drinks perfectly chilled from a tap system. If you want a custom drink recipe or healthy shot they can prepare that quickly with the Zumex Multifruit juicer (this is the small part we got to play in the exciting Grand Opening) They serve their juice in glass bottles.

Their motto is Love, Life & Wellness and we are excited for this wonderful new business coming to Jupiter. Stop in and try out their delicious recipes and bring a friend. They are also doing pickup orders so call them at (561) 295-5589.

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