Smoothie and Juice Bar Basics - What do you need to start a Smoothie and Juice Bar?

Opening any type of business involves many steps and a strong dedication to your ideas. When you decide to open a smoothie and juice bar you will need to become familiar with a number of different types of juicers, and other commercial juicing equipment so you can provide your guests with the best tasting juice that fits your business model.  Let's start by looking at the types of drinks you want to offer your customers and build out your juice bar equipment list from your juice bar menu.

Smoothies - A popular choice by many customers and a wide variety of recipes for you to choose from. Smoothies begin with a base - water, nut milks, juice and then you add additional fruits and vegetables, maybe protein powder or other add in product. Your main piece of commercial equipment you need for your smoothies is a heavy duty commercial blender. There are options that can be built into your counter of sit on top of the counter. We offer both the Vitamix Quiet One and the Santos 62.  Both of these commercial blenders are quiet, which benefits your employees as well as your customers by keeping the conditions pleasant in your juice and smoothie bar. 

Citrus Juice - A delicious drink by itself, an excellent base for smoothies, and great to blend into other juices, a citrus juicer is an important part of your commercial juice bar package. Oranges, lemons, limes will have to be peeled to be juiced in most commercial fruit and vegetable juicers. A citrus juicer like the Zumex line will provide you with delicious tasting citrus juice.

Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Juicer - The main commercial juicer for your operation needs to be easy and safe to use, be NSF certified as the other equipment and provide great tasting juice. You have the option of different types of juicers masticating, triturating, centrifugal, and cold press.Will you be bottling your juice or serving by the glass? Bottling juice pairs well with cold press juicers and for fresh on demand drinks you can look at one of the other models.