What are the best types of oranges for juicing?

1) Valencia

2) Blood Orange

3) Navel

A great tasting glass of fresh squeezed orange juice relies on two things, the type of orange juicer used and the type of orange. 

The best orange juicer is the Zumex. The best orange juicer for supermarkets is the Zumex Speed Up and the best citrus juicer option for juice bars and restaurants would be the Versatile Pro or Essential Pro.

Zumex Versatile Pro orange black silver graphite

1) The best type of orange for juicing is the Valencia.

The Valencia orange is a juicy and sweet variety that is perfect for fresh squeezed orange juice. Grown in the United States in California and Florida it's growing season is March through September, with some farms growing into December. Friends Ranch in Ojai grows the Valencias late spring to early winter. 

2) Blood Orange makes a delicious juice

Another top orange that makes a delicious sweet and tart juice is the blood orange variety. The blood orange has a red pigmented flesh thanks to anthocyanin. The blood orange juice has a hint of a berry taste and is more tart than the Valencia orange. The growing season for blood oranges is late winter through early summer according to the Produce Market Guide.

3) Navel Oranges are a juicing classic

 A third orange variety used for juicing is the Navel Orange. The navel orange is usually the traditional bright orange color but the juice is not as sweet as the Valencia variety. The navel growing season is January to April.

 juice oranges

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