Supermarket Commercial Orange Juicers

 Fresh squeezed orange juice can be the reason your customers return every week to shop in your stores. 2020 has seen a huge leap in fresh squeezed orange juice sales. There are many options for you to choose from when you start the journey to add fresh squeezed orange juice to your supermarket. There are a few basics to consider to start.

1) Available space - Commonly found in the produce department you should determine how much space you want to dedicate to your commercial juicer. Many grocery stores are creating a corner or area just for juicing.

2) Available labor - Is your produce department always staffed? Would it be better on the counter in the bakery or coffee area? Determine where you already have staff who can assist with the machine. You can decide if you want it customer facing or only have employees use the juicer.

3). Access to cleaning station - Our Zumex juicers can be countertop models or come on a wheeled podium that can be moved to a convenient cleaning location. 

Once you select the ideal location and know your space limitations it is time to select the best juicer for your needs. Our Zumex line of commercial citrus juicers can be customized to your needs. Questions to consider would be what is your estimated volume, how busy is the store? Do you want to bottle or serve it in a juice bar area by the glass or for smoothies? Our popular model for supermarkets is the Speed S Plus. in Mirror or Black and has an option for a wide or narrow podium.