How do I choose the best commercial juicers?

Juice Bar Equipment List

Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Juicer

Commercial Citrus Juicer

Wheatgrass Juicer

2 Blenders plus extra containers

Freezer for frozen fruit for smoothies

Refrigerated Prep Tables

Reach-in Cooler for bottles

Walk-in cooler

Ice Machine

3 compartment sink

Prep table

Cutting boards & knives

Veggie prep tools

Large bins to transport fruit and vegetables

Hygiene sink area (ideally a separate sink for employee hand washing)

Produce Washing station with spray faucet

Composting system

Front of house juice bar equipment list

Cups, lids, straws


Cash Register POS system

Juice Bar Decor and fruit storage baskets

Tables and chairs


This is a general list of equipment you will need to effectively run a juice bar. It will depend upon what your juice bar business model looks like to determine if you only need certain items from the list. To start planning your juice bar you need to select your juice bar business model. Do you want to serve bottled juice or fresh on demand juice? Will you include smoothies? Acai bowls? Do you want to make your own nut milks? These are a few of the starter questions we ask during a consultation because this will help determine what the right juicer for you will be. 


Juice Bar Consultation with Thomas.

Thomas wants to start a juice bar. He has a brick and mortar store located in a busy downtown area near a yoga studio. He is very passionate about the environment and serving the best organic vegetables from local farmers. His ideal business model will be to juice in batches and bottle the juice for his customers to grab and go. What juicers should Thomas get? We would recommend Thomas look at the Zumex Mastery with a citrus juicer or the Peel-a-ton Peeler KA-700H to peel the citrus. We would also recommend the glass bottles. 

Juice Bar Consultation with Jane.

Jane is opening a juice bar in a food hall. She is going to have a steady flow of customers and she wants to serve fresh juice on demand and allow the customers to create their own juice blends or pick from a menu. She also wants to serve wheatgrass shots.  We would recommend the Zumex Multifruit Juicer or the Nutrifaster N450 for her busy juice bar. She would add in the plastic cups and  the Opti-Fresh wheatgrass juicer with our 4 oz cups. 

When you are researching your best commercial juicer options make sure the company you buy from offers a good selection of brands and has your best interests as a priority. We offer a range of financing options and you can always scale your business and start with a smaller capacity juicer or if you believe you will have higher volume, finance the juicer and pay for it with your profits. Call or chat with us to discuss your juice bar needs.

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