Lemon sales are soaring

One thing everyone can agree upon is that citrus is a good source of vitamin C.  Everyone is interested in keeping their immune systems strong and lemons are a tasty source of vitamin C. Lemon growers have taken the initiative to strengthen this message with consumers.

According to the Produce Market Guide Lemon sales surge amid pandemic. 

Sunkist Growers also works with dietitians to promote the health benefits of citrus, said Christina Ward, director of global brand marketing for the Valencia, Calif., cooperative.

“Momentum has continued into the summer,” she said, citing IRI data. “Lemons have seen double-digit growth at the retail level every week since the middle of March, and they were up 28% in early June versus the same time last season.”


Lemonade is a delicious way to enjoy lemons but our favorite is to include a lot of lemon juice in our green juice recipes. If you want to bring fresh lemonade to your customers our Zumex Citrus Juicer  has a special lemon/lime head that will make it a quick and easy job. Here is a great green juice recipe by Kris Carr, author of Crazy, Sexy Juice and other health inspiring works.

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