Peeling Lemons

Lemons, with their vibrant yellow hue and zesty flavor, have a history as rich and diverse as their taste. Originating from the citron fruit in Southeast Asia, lemons have traveled across continents, leaving a trail of cultural significance, culinary exploration, and economic impact. Lemons are not just culinary delights but also versatile wonders with a multitude of uses beyond the kitchen. 

Our line of peelers can assist companies that are using lemons to create a wide variety of products using different parts of the lemon.

Limoncello requires the lemon peel, you can adjust our peelers to create a lemon peel with no white albedo.

Lemon zest is used to flavor baked goods and breads.

We recommended using the ASTRA peeler together with a crusher for better quality.

Peel the yellow skin (Flavedo)

The outer skin can be peeled thinly and uniformly, so the work is not labor-intensive and can be easily performed by anyone.

Thin peel leads to shorter drying time before powdering. 

Peel the white skin (Albedo)

Machines can be used to process large quantities while maintaining consistent quality, a task that would take more work to accomplish by hand.

Increase the taste of juice

In the case of squeezing, when the whole lemon is squeezed, it causes problems such as a bitter taste, but by peeling before squeezing, only pure juice will be squeezed. This will increase the taste of your lemon juice.


Aroma oil

Peel the outer skin containing limonene, and the oil is refined by steam distillation.

Adjust the peeling depth

The thickness can be freely adjusted by the peeler used and the machine settings.

Fine adjustments can be made, such as peeling only the outer skin as thin as possible, or peeling all the way to the pulp at once, enabling various types of peeling with a single machine.

Peel wonky-shaped lemons

The peeler follows the shape of the fruit, so it has no problem peeling wonky-shaped lemons.

ASTRA peelers  can be washed in water for easy removal of fruit juice. Daily maintenance is easy, keeping the unit always clean.


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