Sally has an app

 Sally the Robot combines innovative technology with delicious fresh food.

A groundbreaking new product that is reimagining the salad bar at hospitals, supermarkets and universities.

Adding a Sally the Robot brings a hygienic approach to fresh in a 3 x 3 footprint. Customers love the ability to customize their salads and Sally the Robot can feature a wide variety of foods beyonds salads such as:


Classic or customizable salads that feature fresh veggies, fruits, proteins, and nuts.

Breakfast & Snacks

Acai, greek yogurt, and other versatile offerings that are delicious any time of day.

Ethnic Cuisines

Bowls that showcase the flavors of worldly cuisines like Mediterranean, Indian, and Latin American.

Grain Bowls

Hearty, nutritious bowls that start with a base of flavorful rice or quinoa mixtures.


As covered in Grocery Dive, Chowbotics has launched an app to pair with the Sally the Robot experience. The app provides a contactless mobile ordering option. In addition to offering the high safety option with less touching it allows the customer the flexibility to choose their favorites and get a QR code to show Sally when they get to the store. Sally the Robot will prepare their selection from the 22 hygienically contained ingredients chilled to 38 degrees into an 8-component meal in 90 seconds. Read more at Grocery Dive.

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