Should you open a juice bar in 2021?

Was juice bar equipment on your holiday wish list? If you have been considering starting a new juice business during the pandemic you are in good company. There are many entrepreneurs who are taking the plunge with a new business. Consumers are definitely focused on building their immunity and making healthier choices so the outlook for a new juice bar is positive. 

Open a Juice Bar

A successful juice business relies on many factors during normal times so a juice entrepreneur has to be ready to adapt to the ever changing landscape of the Covid-19 world. Here are a few checklist items to consider if you are thinking of starting a new juice business.

  1. Location - This is more important than ever when you are evaluating your business plan. Is your state experiencing a lockdown on restaurants? Is the location you are looking at easy to update for take-out and delivery? You should be able to make it convenient for your customers to have options for limited contact ordering, pick up and delivery. You could also consider looking at a ghost kitchen and only offer delivery.
  2. Tech - Jumping into a new business in 2021, you need to be tech savvy. You can look at adding a custom app or working with a company to take pickup orders like My Coffee Helper.  For delivery you can work with Doordash, GrubHub, and Postmates.
  3. Strategic Partnerships - We are in this together, is there anyone you can work with to bring fresh juice to your community? A local food truck we spoke with set up a cafe in a local museum. If you are serving fresh juice you can look at farmer's markets, yoga studios, gyms, and outdoor venues still holding activities. It is time to get creative. Puree Juice Bar is located inside of a Whole Foods Market in Tyson's Corner and has locations in a local hospital.  Ruby Jean's Juicery  participated in a pop up at Halls KC with a portion of profits benefiting local children's non-profit @OperationBreakthrough. It is the perfect time to get creative.


    Get The Facts

    Contact your local health department and get the specifics about transporting fresh juice. There are rules and regulations regarding temperature control, including having a Juice HACCP plan if you juice in one location and distribute it. 

     Choose what is right for you

    Should you open a juice business in 2021?  Only you will hold the answer but if you decide that the answer is yes we would be honored to share our experience and knowledge to help bring your dreams to life.


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