Choosing a Commercial Citrus Juicer

Fresh squeezed orange juice is a delicious beverage enjoyed by many for its taste as well as the health benefits of fresh squeezed juice.  Supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, juice bars, hospitals, universities, and farmers markets all benefit from having a commercial citrus juicer.  Customers enjoy fresh squeezed orange juice by the glass or by the bottle. Orange juice makes a delicious base for smoothies as well as mixed into fruit and vegetable juices.  As we discussed in our Types of Juicers blog, there are specific juicers that work best to juice large amounts of citrus.

Selecting the right juicer for your business will depend upon a few factors, budget, projected volume, end use of juice (sell by the bottle or by the glass), placement of machine (in produce department, juice bar, bakery/coffee shop).

Most commercial citrus juicers utilize a process of cutting and pressing the citrus. You will have options to manually feed the oranges or the more advanced automatic juicers where you can load the oranges in a basket at the top of the machine and it automatically feeds and processes the juice. Let's start with the smallest commercial citrus juicer, the reamers.

Commercial Citrus Reamers

The Santos C11 Classic Citrus Juicer has been used since 1954, to juice everywhere you need a glass of freshly squeezed citrus juice: health food stores, hotels, bars, restaurants... You cut the fruit, oranges, lemons, limes or grapefruit in half and press the fruit to the reamer. You will notice the shape and position of the spout, the juicer is made to lean forward so you easily get a full glass of juice.  The juicer comes with 3 sized reamers to juice the oranges, lemons and limes, and the grapefruit.

 Reamers work best for customers in restaurants, juice bars and supermarkets who offer fresh orange juice by the glass, not bottled. It does require increased labor as someone has to cut the fruit and stand and do the juicing. 


Commercial Citrus Juicers

ZUMEX, a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for fruit and vegetable juicers, offers the best commercial citrus juicer options for freshly squeezed juice of the highest quality. They offer a wide variety of commercial juicers in different sizes and they can sit on a counter or on a movable  podium for ease of motion on the supermarket or restaurant floor and to move for cleaning.

The Zumex Minex is a colorful orange juicer perfect for a cafe countertop. It will juice 13 fruits per minute and hold 6-7 fruit on the feeder ramp. Zumex offers many other options and configurations so you can get the perfect juice machine for your business.

There area a number of different Zumex commercial citrus juicers to choose from the Essential, The Versatile and the Speed Up line, with options for on the counter or on a podium, self serve or juice tank and processing up to 40 fruit per minute.


The Zumex commercial citrus juicer collection will have the perfect juicer for your business. Juice Bar Outfitter provides additional support  to ensure you have all of the necessary gear to have a profitable and successful juice business.  Zumex also has an industrial option for customers who have higher volume needs. This would be perfect for a supermarket or juice bar bottling their own juice.


When you decide to add fresh citrus juice to your business give us a call and we can help walk you through the important steps to make sure you get a juicer that is perfect for your business. Investing in a commercial citrus juicer can be a profitable option for your business but you must select the right partner and make sure that you have a good warranty and support. The Zumex juicers have a 5 year warranty and when you purchase your juicer from us we support you for the life of the machine from marketing and juicing tips, to recipes, bottles, cleaning, and everything you will need to have a profitable and successful juice business.

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