What are the best apples for juicing?

Top 10 apples for juicing

Here are the top ten varieties of apples that are the best for juicing. The list of apples starts with the sweetest variety and ends with the tart Granny Smith:

1) Fuji

2) Gala

3) Honeycrisp

4) Ambrosia

5) Jonagold

6). Jazz

7) Braeburn

8) Pink Lady

9) McIntosh

10) Granny Smith

Sprouts has a great variety of apples in their produce department and this handy signage listing the apples from tart to sweet.


Apples are a great way to add a little sweetness to your fruit and vegetable juices. My favorite apple to juice is the Granny Smith, I will usually grab that for my green drinks and if I want something a little sweeter will pick up a Pink Lady. If you want to add a lot of sweetness to your juice to maybe offset the bitterness of a particular green, the Fuji or Gala are great choices. When juicing with a commercial fruit and vegetable juicer like the Zumex Multifruit or Nutrifaster you include them directly with your recipe. A good juicing technique is to vary hard and soft produce so if your recipe calls for leafy greens, I would place the greens in the juicer first and then follow up with the apple. The hard apple will help to push the greens through the juicer for a delicious tasting juice.

If you are interested in adding fresh juice to your business, give us a call or email and we will discuss the different juicing options.



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