Blendtec Stealth
Blendtec Stealth
Blendtec Stealth
Blendtec Stealth

Blendtec Stealth

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The Stealth Blendtec blender is an innovative commercial blender with a game-changing 42 pre-programmed one-touch cycles. You can press one button and walk away to complete another task and return to a perfect smoothie and the blender automatically shuts off. For the ultimate in customization, users can create custom drink programs with the online BlendWizard™. This tool can create an unlimited number of blend cycles, and up to 14 can be stored in the blender. The Stealth comes equipped with 42 preprogrammed cycles and a USB port. 

 Quiet! Operates at normal conversation level sounds for your customers and employees comfort. Sound enclosure provides ultra quiet blending. 

 Patented Stainless-steel forged blade with wings for amazingly smooth blends (10x stronger than other blender blades) Note Blade is not sharp blade is dull No more cuts and pokes

Easy to Clean Add a little soap and water your jar can clean itself in less than 1 minute 

The WildSide+ Jar is a BPA-Free 90 oz volume jar with 36 ounce blending capacity (wet or dry) for large batches ideal for blending beverages and grinding grains. An exclusive, patented square design with a fifth side and large capacity produces thicker, faster blending and shorter customer wait times. Its extra-wide base, along with a more aggressive blade nearly 4-inches long, has helped the WildSide+ jar to raise the bar in the commercial blending category.

The Stealth's cutting-edge design and functionality deliver an advanced yet user-friendly blending experience. For customers who prefer a lower profile, an in-counter model is also available.


  • Motor: 1800 Watt, 120V/220V available
  • Advanced sound enclosure helps blender operate at the sound level or normal conversation
  • USB programmability
  • 42 preprogrammed blend cycles and Pulse function
  • In-counter version available


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