Zumex Speed Up All-in-One Narrow Mirror

Zumex Speed Up All-in-One Narrow Mirror

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Speed Up brings a freshly squeezed juice service to your establishment with maximum performance and a bold, daring look. 

With all the advantages of Speed

 Built-in feeder

Digital Intelligent Touch display

with two modes of use: Automatic or Professional.

Original System® squeezing technology

with ASP® antibacterial technology

Automatic Pulp Out system

27.5 in wide Podium

Juicer Dimensions

593 x 624 x 1050 mm 23.3” x 24.6” x 41.3”

Original System® with ASP® 1Step Extraction Kit



Fruits per minute  40 oranges / min

Gallons per minute. 0.7 – 1.2 gal / min

Fruit size. 2.6 - 3.8

Feeder capacity

44 lb